Story From The Ground Up

Yogülatte is the brainchild of its owner Bill Pritt.  In the midst of a recession Mr. Pritt struggled to find qualified tenants for the property he purchased in the fall of 2009. Understanding the importance of having  quality businesses to occupy the space, particularly because of his adjacent restaurant, Pritt began to explore creating a new concept of his own to inhabit the space. He thought about the neighborhood (which he’s also a resident) and what would best complement the community. Pritt saw the need for frozen dessert products but was very concerned about the sustainability of the business in the winter months. Incorporating coffee into this new concept was the natural decision considering his love for coffee and the successful history it had in this location prior to Pritt’s acquisition.

Short on cash yet refusing to get a loan, Pritt took a significant risk on the success of this new venture. He employed vendors who’s businesses had suffered during the recession, negotiated price and terms, and remained true to his budget. Yogülatte opened in June of 2010 and his gamble paid off. Yogülatte quickly became a success attracting thousands of customers each week and contributing to community revitalization efforts. As a result of the hard work of our staff and the support our loyal customers, Yogülatte now has 3 locations and continues to entertain several franchise inquiries.


To appeal to a broad spectrum of the community by serving the best tasting products in a comfortable environment by genuine, competent, and friendly people.